Spoil Tip Grühlingstraße



brief description: 

The spoil tip (mining waste from the former Jägersfreude Mine) is partly overgrown with trees. Other parts have deliberately been kept in an eroded condition, making it quite an unusual sight. At the top of the mining heap is a viewing platform with a cross: views of the surrounding forests, the Saarbrücken area, and across a good part of the Saar region. Another point of interest is an artwork consisting of marble steps with engraved text passages.

relevant filming facts

Background noise: 
The spoil tip is situated on one of the main access routes to Saarbrücken, however, the noise situation on site is quiet
Hilly forest landscape. The spoil tip is situated in close proximity to Saarbrücken and to the Autobahn, which can hardly be seen from the site. The view from the top is of the surrounding landscape. At the feet of the heap, there is a system of high voltage power lines.
possible disturbing factors: 
The mining heap itself cannot by accessed by vehicles. Access to the site only via forestry road. Parking available on the lot of the nearby multi-purpose arena „Saarlandhalle”.
No additional premises available


Coming on the A 620 highway, take the Westspange exit and follow the signposts indicating “Saarlandhalle“. Parking opportunities here. Access to the mining heap through the forest across the street (Camphauser Straße).
Saarbrücken central station is about a 15 minute walk away.


sanitary facilities: 
Not available
parking lot: 
Not available directly on site, however, the nearby „Saarlandhalle“ multi-purpose arena has a parking lot.
electricity supply: 
Not available
water supply: 
Not available


Steffen Conrad