Teufelsburg Felsberg



brief description: 

Partly restored extensive castle complex situated on a hilltop, protruding over the Saar Valley. The complex, which consists of an outer bailey, a neck ditch and a central bastion, was built around 1350 at the order of Count Johann I of Lorraine. Renovation works have been undertaken since the 1960s, such as the restoration of a cellar vault under the central bastion. The castle walls and the remains of two preserved round towers are situated below the castle plateau. The Teufelsburg ("devil's castle") was conceived as a true battle castle and it was eventually destroyed during an armed conflict, the exact date of which remains unknown. The last documentary mention of the Teufelsburg dates back to the year 1699. There are still parts of the complex that have not yet been excavated. Also renovation works are still going on. The restored parts of the castle are all safely accessible to the public. They are being used for theatrical performances, renaissance fairs and medieval tournaments.

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opening times: 
open to the public at any time
historic monument, local recreation area, backdrop for renaissance fairs and medieval tournaments
Background noise: 
no noise interference, quietly situated in the middle of the forest
The castle complex is situated on a spur protruding over the Saar Valley, with excellent views of the surrounding forest landscape. Access via a forest path.
not available
not available


Coming on the Autobahn A620 Saarbrücken-Merzig, take the Saarlouis exit and follow Metzer Straße, direction Felsberg, Metz. Continue on this same road until you will have reached Oberfelsberg. As soon as you enter the town of Oberfelsberg, turn onto the dirt road on the right hand side, it will take you directly to the Teufelsburg. The castle is also signposted.
Coming by train, get off at the Saarlouis station and continue by bus


sanitary facilities: 
not available
parking lot: 
access via a dirt road, a few parking spaces immediately around the castle, more parking further up, on the forest parking lot
electricity supply: 
not available
water supply: 
not available


Steffen Conrad