The site is located in Thalexweiler, a neighborhood in the community of Lebach. The landscape slopes downhill and is partly surrounded by woods.

The agricultural enterprise Bauer Ehl has been situated in Saarland since 1996, growing strawberries and asparagus on a 10-hectare plot of land.

The farmhouse „Bauernhaus Habach“ stands on the corner of the streets Eppelborner Straße and Zum Bach in the Habach district of Eppelborn.

this ancient barn is located on a very quiet and little frequented rural road. The rubblestone façade shows the signs of time.

situated between the towns of Felsberg and Picard, the equestrian facilities comprise numerous functional buildings, stables, stalls, indoor and outdoor boxes, horse walkers, paddocks, a large indo

Rio Grande, the Western Society of Auboué, has made it their goal to maintain and promote American and Native American traditions: clothing, music, dance, horse riding, folklore shows, theme nights

an agricultural business in its immediate proximity, the farmhouse, typical in style for the Lorraine region, is still being used in its original sense and function

typical Lorraine farmhouse with historic pilgrimage chapel (Notre Dame de Faux-en-Forêt, also featured in the Location Guide)

the lorraine farmhouse dates back to 1735. It has been restored and, today, serves as a rural museum. The interior has, in part, been transformed in order to create a certain museum quality.

picturesque hilly landscape, typical for the region around Schwerdorff. Narrow rural roads, in part, lined with trees. Far reaching view, sparse population