already in the 18th century, the area surrounding Lake Niederwürzbach was considered to be among the most beautiful regions under the jurisdiction of Marianne von der Leyen (1745-1804).

known as the largest waterfalls in the French department of Vosges, the Cascades of Tendon are a splendid oasis of freshness at an altitude of 600 metres.

nestled amidst high forest woodland, Losheim Reservoir is beautifully situated in the low mountain range, 330 m above sea level.

the lac de Longemer is a glacial lake through which flows the Vologne River. At an elevation of 736 metres, the lake sprawls over an area of 76 hectares in the direction of the valley.

surrounded by an abundant population of trees, the artificial lake, despite its central location, is very well shielded from the town of Creutzwald.

Lac des Corbeaux (whichliterally means lake of the crows) is a glacial lake situated in the community of La Bresse in the Vosges Mountains.At an elevation of 887 metres, its surface area is 9 hecta

The Erbsenweiher, also known as Erbsenthalweiher (%u201CWeiher%u201D is German for pond), owes its name to the former Erbsenthal estate, which is situated between the communes of Sturzelbronn and Éguelshardt. More precisely, it comprises the terrain between the wooded hills of the Biesenberg (376 m), the Abstberg (375 m), the Erbsenberg (402 m) and the Rothenberg (358 m). The Erbsenthal estate has its origin in the Rothenbach creek bed, swollen with the waters of the Moosbach creek and the Zinsel river. It extends over an area of 33 ½ hectares on both sides of the Zinsel: the left bank belongs to the commune of Sturzelbronn (24,5 hectares) while the right bank is part of the commune of Éguelshardt (9 hectares). The Erbsenweiher has a water surface of 5,5 hectares. It is situated 500 metres downstream from a pond formed by the Rothenbach creek on the height of the Biesenberg forest lodge.

With a water surface of 120 ha, Bostalsee is the largest leisure lake in south-western Germany. It offers visitors a great variety of leisure activities, such as surfing, sailing, or paddle boats.

In the past, the ERA fishing pond was used as cooling basin. For more than 20 years, a fishing club has used it as a fishing pond. The basin is 310m long, 101m wide and between 3,5 and 7m deep.