Spoil Tip Göttelborn



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The spoil tip (mining waste from the former Göttelborn Mine) was converted in 2016 and provided with an asphalted handicapped accessible circular route of 2, km in length. Half way up to the top of the heap is a lookout point with views of Quierschied and the Kohlbachtal Pond, which is part of a nature reserve. Quite an attraction is the so-called Heaven’s Arrow, a long ascending asphalted ramp between the spoil tip and a solar energy plant. Built from the remains of old railway tracks, the steep pathway seems to lead straight to heaven, hence the name. Viewing platform with views of the Kohlbachtal Pond and parts of the mining heap.

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usage : 
local recreation area
conditions d’éclairage : 
Natural light
situation sonore : 
Quiet location, away from any traffic noise pollution
The Göttelborn Heap is located right next to Campus Göttelborn. On one side, it is surrounded by a lake and terrain which has been ecologically restored to a natural landscape and habitat after having sustained environmental degradation caused by mining. Also in the surroundings: photovoltaic system, former mining buildings, shaft towers, and the new construction on Campus Göttelborn.
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No additional premises available
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voiture : 
Coming on the A1 highway, take the Göttelborn/Quierschied/Merchweiler exit and follow the signposts indicating “Campus Göttelborn”.
transports en commun : 
The closest train station, Quierschied, is approximately 3 km away


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Not available
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Not available
Not available


Steffen Conrad