Dagstuhl Castle Ruins near Wadern



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The first official documentary mention of Dagstuhl Castle dates back to 1290. The castle was built around 1290 by Knight Boemund of Saarbrücken, probably for Bohemond von Warnesberg, the archbishop of Trier. The name "Dagstuhl" derives from the German word for roof (Dach), because of the roof-like shape of the hill on which the castle stands. The medieval hill castle comprises an elaborate complex which measures over 300 metres in length with an outer bailey on the northern side and a defensive fortification with moat, ramparts and two bastions on the southern side. Since the 1980s, the castle ruins have been archaeologically explored and were improved for public access from 2003 to 2010. Two impressive bridges span over the two neck ditches, so that visitors can access the castle complex in a historically authentic fashion.

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open to the public at any time
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historic monument
situation sonore : 
quietly situated within a forest
quietly situated within a forest, 500 metres from a parking lot
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not available
can be arranged in the town of Wadern
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not available


voiture : 
Coming from the motorway A1, take the exit Nonnweiler-Primstal, drive through the village of Primstal in direction to Wadern. After the Lockweiler industrial park, turn right and follow the signs indicating "Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz-Zentrum". When arrived at the château Dagstuhl, continue by driving to the forest parking ("Waldparkplatz Am Pilz").
transports en commun : 
By train, exit at the Merzig train station and continue by bus.


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not available
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not available


Steffen Conrad