Abbey of Echternach



brief description: 

In 1727, Mathias Hartz, abbot of Echternach, had the old Benedictine monastery demolished to build a new abbey in Classical style. The ensemble consists of the three-storey abbey, the adjoining Basilica of Saint Willibrord, and several monastic buildings. A sweeping perron staircase leads to the entrance portal of the main building, which faces the spacious forecourt. Across from the court is another building complex, arranged in semi-circular form, ending in a large gate. The sandstone colour of the facades lends a homogeneous look to the ensemble. This motif is almost void of any disturbing modern elements. Today, the abbey is being used as a school facility by the Lycée Classique of Echternach. For this reason, the buildings%u2019 interiors have been entirely transformed and modernised to meet the requirements of contemporary educational technologies. A few original elements have been conserved, however, such as the staircase in the main building, for example, as well as s series of interconnecting historic rooms. Filming inside is limited; production aspects must be discussed beforehand and adjusted so as to not disturb the day-to-day school operations. Sanitary facilities and parking available.


Karin Schockweiler