Abbey of Stavelot



brief description: 

Situated in the heart of the Walloon municipality of Stavelot, the monastery complex comprises the remains of the ancient abbey and the brick-and-stone domestic ranges, grouped around two paved courtyards, representing the separation between secular life (service buildings) and sacred life (religious buildings). The abbey%u2019s main facade is painted in vivid red. Spacious terrain and beautiful historical motif, offering a range of different perspectives. A new wing, built of glass and stainless steel houses the Museum of the Stavelot-Malmedy Principality. Ancient artefacts and exhibition pieces are ingeniously presented in a historic ambiance but with the use of the very latest in multimedia technology. This location perfectly represents a felicitous mix of old and new. Basic requirements for filming are met. Additional premises/spaces for crew and equipment could possibly be made available in the museum%u2019s coffee shop or in several side rooms. Parking available in the courtyard or on a market place, located above the abbey.


Kurt Rathmes