About us

Location Guide Saarland:
The database of film motifs for the Saarland

The Location Guide Saarland is a database of film motifs of the society "Saarland Medien GmbH", the film funding and film commission of the Saarland. Here, film-makers can quickly and simply gain an overview of the great variety of locations in the Saarland. Moreover, the Location Guide offers a host of further advantages:

  • free access to a unique variety of motifs of different cultural and national characteristics,
  • location presentations in German, French and English,
  • planning and organisation of location tours,
  • assistance in licensing procedures and in preparations of film productions.


The Location Guide Saarland is part of the Location Guide Greater Region and has been supported since 2012 by the Ministry of Economy, Labor, Energy and Transport. Together with its sister project Production Guide Saarland, it provides easy access to the regional film industry and supports the realization of productions.