Beaufort Castle



brief description: 

Beaufort Castle is situated in the homonymous town in eastern Luxembourg, in a region often referred to as %u201ELittle Switzerland%u201C. The ancient castle complex, which consists of the ruins of a medieval fortification and an adjacent Renaissance ch%uFFFDteau, was built in different construction periods from the 12th to the 17th century. In 1639, the construction of the new Renaissance ch%uFFFDteau was initiated. All the attention was focused on the new project, the old fortress was abandoned and, as a consequence, the original structure deteriorated increasingly. Today, the ch%uFFFDteau is a private property and not open to the public. The ruins of the medieval castle, on the other hand, can be visited daily as they have been adapted to welcome tourists. A glass roof has been installed, for example, to protect the ruins from further decay. Looking up while climbing the stairs inside the old castle, visitors will get a good impression of the immense height of the former fortress. Beautiful motif with multiple facets, nestled amidst nature. Easy access. Sanitary facilities, additional premises for crew and equipment, parking available.


Karin Schockweiler