brief description: 

One of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia, Clermont-sur-Berwinne lies gently embedded in a valley surrounded by a picturesque landscape. Standing at the summit of the promontory dominating the valley, the village church Saint Jacques le Majeur can be seen from afar. Narrow alleyways lined with historic buildings lead up the hill to the church and the adjoining cemetery with its large ancient tombstones. Accessible through a stone portal, the cemetery offers a lovely view of the historic marketplace and the surrounding buildings. The original town hall facade is especially noteworthy as it is a synthesis of different construction styles that can be found throughout the village. A sweeping staircase leads to the main entrance which is flanked by a tower. The paved marketplace with fountain and flower beds behind the town hall can be accessed through a tunnel vault. The composition of church, marketplace, town hall, inn and a network of narrow alleyways meandering up the hill, makes for a very lovely and harmonious historic motif, almost entirely void of disturbing contemporary elements. Good infrastructure. Additional spaces for crew and equipment as well as sanitary facilities could possibly be made available in the town hall or the adjoining village inn. Parking available on the village square and on the parking lot below the church.


Kurt Rathmes