Clervaux Castle



brief description: 

with its high walls towering over the houses below, the imposing feudal castle stands on a rocky spur above the town of Clervaux in the Ardennes region of Luxembourg. A road leads from the town up to one of the gatehouses, which provides access to the forecourt. Multiple nested buildings, varying in size and height and dating back to different historical periods (from the 12th to the 18th century), form a harmonious ensemble. From here, the main portal leads to the central court, which is paved, triangular-shaped and dominated by a tower. The surrounding two-storey buildings have simple, light-coloured stone facades which are pierced in non-symmetrical order with windows set in dark sandstone frames. Several rather small entrances lead to different areas of the castle. Destroyed in large parts during World War II, Luxembourg State acquired the ruins and restored Clervaux Castle back to its former splendour. Today, with its modernised interior, this revered witness to a glorious past is partly used as a museum, partly for housing local administration and communal institutions (such as the civil registry office). Overall, this is a beautiful, harmonious historical location. In principle, sanitary facilities and possibilities for setting up green rooms should be available. Easy access. Parking close by in town.


Karin Schockweiler