Fire Station in Leudelange



brief description: 

Located in an industrial zone in the commune of Leudelange, this peculiar fire station can be seen from afar, its hose tower being reminiscent of a launch pad. The different building units are all interlaced. The clearly structured washed-out concrete facades are pierced by windows. There are several entrance and exit gates. Fire trucks and emergency vehicles can be seen through the small viewing windows. This futuristic looking construction can easily be considered the most modern and extraordinary fire station, at least in all of Luxembourg. The fire department can be found in the upper part of the main building while the lower part is occupied by the road maintenance authority of the commune of Leudelange. The two departments are connected via a long staircase. Due to its clean and simple, yet unusual and impressive design, this motif offers a number of different interesting shooting perspectives. It is very important to note that filming must not interfere in any way with the activities of the fire department and the road maintenance authority. Little traffic. Parking available on the road (rather quiet and low frequented). Any further infrastructure necessary for filming has to be put in place by the production team.


Karin Schockweiler