Former Border Checkpoint in Raeren



brief description: 

This former border checkpoint between Germany and Belgium is known in local vernacular as Köpfchen. The formerly so-called control kiosk, an oval. single-storey 1950s construction sitting in the middle of a very broad road, is surrounded by other former functional buildings and barracks. The customs building, for example, has been preserved almost entirely in its original condition. Another building, painted in red and white, with a signboard reading Zoll/Douane (customs in German and French) is reminiscent of the site's history. The broad road in combination with the flat buildings makes for an interesting perspective, exuding an almost sad and deserted ambiance as the eyes follow the road disappearing towards the horizon. Nice historical 1950s motif, practically void of any disturbing contemporary elements. Easy access and very good shooting conditions. Moderate traffic. Sanitary facilities and additional space/rooms for crew and equipment could be made available in the restaurant next door. Conveniently and quietly located between Germany and Belgium, good infrastructure, direct motorway access, ample parking.


Kurt Rathmes