Former Ironworks Complex in Neunkirchen



brief description: 

During the course of the 1990s, a 40 hectare complex emerged on the grounds of the former Neunkirchen Ironworks, boasting marvellous monuments and relicts from the heyday of the iron and steel industry. Blast furnaces no. II and VI, hot blast stoves, water tower, blower hall, and indoor riding arena - former properties of the Neunkirchen Ironworks or the Stumm family - were integrated into the newly conceived Ironworks Park. The blower hall and the Stumm riding hall are being used as venues for cultural events of all kinds. The water tower, standing on the same premises, was transformed into an architecturally remarkable multiplex, housing several restaurants, cinemas, and a fitness centre - an impressive make-over, which originated in private initiative, in 1996, and was carried out with special consideration given to the preservation of the historical monument. In the adjoining Ironworks Park, visitors can marvel at original machinery parts from the former Neunkirchen Ironworks, which have been set up, almost like objets d´art, all throughout the terrain. Together with the group of blast furnaces, they evoke the bleak splendour of the Steel and Iron Age. Guided tours give a wonderful insight into the lives of ironworks masters and workers alike, and the park, of course, can also be used for purely recreational purposes, such as seeking relaxation away from busy city life.

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
The ironworks complex is open to the public and freely accessible at any time. Access to the blast furnaces and the blower hall by prior arrangement only
tourism; park; cinema and restaurants inside the Wasserturm (water tower); concerts and other cultural events inside the Gebläsehalle (blower hall) and the Stummsche Reithalle (Stumm riding hall)
the ironworks complex is in good condition; the blast furnaces are all secured and can be climbed
interior architecture: 
the cupola of the water tower houses a cinema and a bar. The Stumm riding hall was transformed into an event space, which regularly hosts cultural events.
Background noise: 
city traffic noise, the ironworks complex being situated in immediate proximity to downtown Neunkirchen
blast furnaces, water tower, and Stumm riding hall are situated halfway between the ironworks park and the Saarpark Center shopping mall
possible disturbing factors: 
city traffic noise, busy parking lot, busy inside water tower (cinema and restaurants)
wide variety of gastronomic offers inside the water tower and the Saarpark Center shopping mall
upon prior agreement, an Information Room can be made available for make-up, wardrobe, technical equipment, etc.


Take the A8 motorway towards Neunkirchen, take the "Neunkirchen" exit, follow the signs for "Saarpark Center". The chimneys can already be seen from a distance.
Neunkirchen main station is about 1km away, from there continue by bus


sanitary facilities: 
available inside the water tower (gastronomy area)
parking lot: 
abundant parking spaces available in immediate proximity, at the blast furnaces (Parkplatz am Hochofen), at the shopping mall (Parkplätze Saarpark-Center), and at the nearby bunker (Parkplatz am Spitzbunker)
electricity supply: 
available upon request
water supply: 
available upon request


Steffen Conrad