Hindenburgturm, Riegelsberg



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On December 2, 1934 the Hindenburgturm (“Hindenburg tower”) was inaugurated as a memorial for the soldiers who died in the First World War. Its construction goes back on a decision of the Hilschbach-Güchenbach-Überhofen graveyard association. The tower was named after Paul von Hindenburg, the German President from 1925 to 1934, who died during the construction work. The three-storey clinker construction (15 m high) with a hall of honour also contains a statue of a soldier with helmet and gun created by the sculptor Willi Knapp from Saarbrücken. The names of the victims of the First World War from the three communities Güchenbach, Hilschbach and Überhofen are also engraved. The total costs amounted to 58,000 francs. After urgent renovation work maintaining the substance, the tower was returned to Riegelsberg’s citizens on June 1, 1997. As it is a typical historical monument of the 1930ies, the Hindenburgturm was registered in the Saarland’s list of protected monuments. After the completion of the tower, it was primarily a commitment of the Saar region under the administration of the League of Nations to Germany. Today, the tower is a symbol for peace and a memorial against war. Moreover, you can relax in the little park around it. If you are interested in a visit, please take the keys from the town hall during its opening times (presentation of identification card and deposit of 10€ necessary).

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monument, lookout tower
good structural condition
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Coming from motorway A1, turning left on the traffic lights into Wolfskaulstraße after leaving the roundabout at the start of the town of Riegelsberg. Hindenburgturm on the right side of the street in 250 m between houses n°16 and 18.
Going by Saarbahn, line S1, coming from Saarbrücken or Heusweiler/Lebach, stop “Wolfskaulstraße”.


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not available
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220V, 400V and shockproof sockets available
water supply: 
not available


Steffen Conrad