Historic Copper Mine in Düppenweiler



brief description: 

founded by the Walloon Remacle de Hauzeur in the early 18th century, the Düppenweiler copper mine employed up to 300 miners. It was under the direction of the Dillingen steelworks (Dillinger Hütte) from 1824 to 1828. In 1916, the copper mine had to be closed because the lower and most profitable levels could no longer be reached. In 1992, a development association assumed sponsorship and it was decided to transform the one-time copper mine into a mining museum with exhibition mine. Today, visitors can go on a surface tour, without guides, or they can explore the underground on a one-hour guided tour, complete with hardhat and protective gear. Among the many interesting things to discover are, for example, a wood frame system with a German timber set (frame which supports the roof and the sides of a mine shaft) and a Polish timber set (supports only the roof), original Dillinger Hütte production blastings, a drowned staple shaft, mining galleries, explosive drillings, etc.

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opening times: 
beginning of April until end of January, guided tours on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and all Holidays except Christmas and New Year´s Eve between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm (outside of regular opening hours, only by prior appointment)
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the mining museum is situated at the foot of Mount Litermont (414 m), a densely wooded landscape and beautiful recreation area which attracts many visitors from near and far. Right next to the former copper mine is the so-called Huthaus
ceiling height: 
Der Stollen ist etwa 1m breit und 2m hoch
possible disturbing factors: 
dampness due to penetration of groundwater
Space restrictions: 
to be discussed
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed
can be organised by the restaurant inside the Huthaus upon prior arrangement (tel. 49 (0)6832/808370)
upon prior agreement, additional facilities for make-up, wardrobe, technical equipment, etc. can be made available inside the Huthaus


coming from Saarbrücken, take the A620 motorway going in the direction of Völklingen, Saarlouis, Luxembourg. After approx. 28 km, you will reach the Saarlouis interchange (Autobahndreieck Saarlouis). Proceed onto the A8 motorway, direction Karlsruhe, Neunkirchen, Trier, Koblenz. After approx. 1,7 km, leave the A8 by taking the Dillingen Süd exit (10) and turn right onto Lorisstraße (B51 federal highway), direction Trier, Merzig, Dillingen, Hafen. After approx. 1,5 km, you will reach a roundabout. Take the first exit onto Saarlouiser Straße (L143 highway) and continue for approx. 200 m. Bear half right and turn onto Dieffler Straße. After approx. 2,6 km, turn left onto Dillinger Straße (L346 highway). Follow the right of way for approx. 5,5 km, then turn right onto Jahnstraße. After approx. 500 m, turn left onto Piesbacher-Straße and continue for another 1,1 km. Turn left onto a dirt track. After approx. 100 m, you will have reached the former copper mine


sanitary facilities: 
available inside the adjoining Huthaus
parking lot: 
sufficient spaces available
electricity supply: 
limited availability only


Steffen Conrad