Malberg Castle in Kyllburg



brief description: 

situated on a tongue of land in a picturesque valley basin, this historic castle complex consists of a château with a medieval defence tower, annexe buildings, a gatehouse and a carriage house. An access path leads up to the castle, which sits on a hilltop. It can be entered through a fortified gate. Once inside the complex, the park can be seen to the right, offering a far-reaching unobstructed view of the beautiful Eifel landscape. The gatehouse with private apartments stands to the left. The impressive defence tower faces the castle, which is in need of renovation. As restoration works are scheduled to take place inside the château as well as on its facade, the building is currently covered in scaffolding. On the rear side of the castle, an imposing staircase (presently undergoing renovation as well) leads down to the park. The former carriage house still retains some historic details, such as for example its windows and doors. The terrain is paved and the entire complex is enclosed by castle walls. Note: please check with Malberg Castle about the current state of renovation works.


Steffen Conrad