Neuerburg Castle



brief description: 

Embedded in a beautiful natural landscape, the impressive remains of Neuerburg Castle stand atop a rock, towering high above the town of Neuerburg. The castle complex consists of a harmonious mix of ancient ruins, the oldest remains of the castle dating back to the 12th century, and inhabited buildings. The ensemble is accessible via a paved path, which leads past ruins and through the castle gate to the main part of the complex dominated by a gatehouse with tower, other smaller building parts and some more ruins. A relatively narrow courtyard transitions into a "chemin de ronde", a raised protected walkway above the castle walls, with a wonderful view across the valley. Today, Neuerburg Castle is also known as the "youth castle" because it operates as a youth hostel. The plastered parts of the established buildings (one of which is inhabited by the hostel warden and his family) have facilities which serve as accommodations and recreation rooms and are furnished accordingly. Below the castle, the terrain transitions into a garden area. From there, a path leads down into the town of Neuerburg.