Oldest steam-driven hauling machine in the Saar region, Velsen



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the oldest steam-driven hauling machine is located in the historic engine house at the former coal mine Velsen. Built in 1916 by a company named Dingler in Zweibrücken, the machine with cam control has 4.800 hp. The piston diametre is 1.100 mm, the Koepe sheave has a diametre of 7 metres, the hauling cable a diametre of 65 mm. The machine, operational up until 2005, was used to transport miners and coal wagons from above ground to below ground and back again. During its best times, it could lift and lower a pit cage over 4 levels, 15 persons per level. The shaft is 1.058 metres deep. In the year 2000, the machine was rebuilt to receive a compressed air engine, other than that, it has been preserved in its original state (including the helmstand). A second steam-driven hauling machine, identical to this one, used to stand in a large hall next door. The second machine no longer exists, the hall is used as an event space.

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by arrangement
industrial monument
in good state of complete preservation
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the building is situated off the main road, on a former mining site. Thick stonewalls. Quiet location.
situated on the site of the former Velsen coal mine, the building stands right next to the old shaft tower.
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to be discussed with the authorities
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to be discussed with the authorities
the former miner's cafeteria is situated on site, close by. It has been preserved in its original state and still serves as a lunch room today.
additional facilities for catering, make-up, wardrobe, technical equipment, etc. are available


Coming from the Autobahn A620 Saarbrücken-Saarlouis, take the Klarenthal exit and follow Seeuferstraße in the direction of Fenne, Klarenthal. Turn left onto L163, direction Klarenthal, Großrosseln. Follow the road (Kokereistraße) through the woods, direction Großrosseln. Right before entering town, the mining site is situated on the left side of the road. Follow the signposts indicating the Velsen coal mine (“Erlebnisbergwerk Velsen”).
Get off at the Völklingen station and take the bus to the Velsen coal mine


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230 V
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Steffen Conrad