Residenzhotel Annahof


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situated on the banks of Lake Niederwürzbach (also featured in the Location Guide), Annahof houses a residential hotel and restaurant. The historic building is closely tied to the Countess von der Leyen, born Marianne von Dalberg (1745 - 1804). In 1773, Count Francis Charles von der Leyen presented the property as a Christmas gift to his wife. Annahof was a small jewel meant to add to her pleasure and enjoyment. The count also wanted his wife to dispose freely of her new possessions, the idea behind it being that it would contribute to an increase in her pin money (allowance). Marianne had two round wings added to the already existing middle wing of the main building. As a result, a 500 m² oval-shaped interior court was created. It was only in 1917 that the round wings were complemented by four towers, one of which was destroyed by grenade bombardments during World War II. Gardens, which functioned as plant nurseries but also invited promenaders to stroll around in, extended along the lakeshore all the way to the dam. Annahof was not only the place where the bustling countess would train her personnel, she would also use it for her own diversion and entertainment purposes. Grouped around the lake in the valley of Niederwürzbach, a number of different buildings and terrains created by the countess can still be seen: a mill called mon plaisir (my joy), a green space referred to as Dudelsack (bagpipe), a house named Roter Bau (red building) or bon voisin (good neighbour), and the château Philippsburg (which used to be of exceptional regional and national importance) are all embedded in a huge landscaped garden. Unfortunately, in 1793, the countess´ stay at Annahof came to an abrupt end when French revolutionary troops marched in and razed large parts of the feudal property, including the château Phillipsburg, to the ground

relevant filming facts

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open all year round
hotel, restaurant, conference site
very well kempt
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very quiet
situated on the banks of Lake Niederwürzbach, the Annahof is surrounded by meadows and trees
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to be discussed
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to be discussed
can be organised by the restaurant upon prior arrangement


when coming on the A6 motorway (Mannheim-Saarbrücken), take the St. Ingbert-Mitte/Niederwürzbach exit and follow the directions to Niederwürzbach via Hassel. Once you have reached the town of Niederwürzbach, turn onto the second road on the left. The Annahof is well signposted from there when coming on the A8 motorway (Luxembourg-Zweibrücken), take the Blieskastel exit and follow the directions to Niederwürzbach via Lautzkirchen. Once you have reached Niederwürzbach, turn onto the second road on the right. The Annahof is well signposted from there


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available in the immediate vicinity
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