Restaurant Sobogusto



brief description: 

In an industrial park on the outskirts of Luxemburg City, a gigantic storage depot has undergone an ambitious transformation to become a hip and trendy new restaurant. SoboGusto offers several levels of sleek and stylish dining areas. On the lower level, the spacious entrance area is dominated by the generously proportioned bar. Behind it lies the main dining lounge, a wide open space with a very exclusive atmosphere, the seating arranged in rows of tables. Glittering chandeliers hang from the high ceilings, suspended like opulent centre pieces amidst the modern surroundings. A sophisticated lighting concept has been designed to provide each of the different dining/lounge/bar areas with their own ambient light, creating a range of different moods and atmospheres, from subdued and intimate to bright and energising. At the end of the dining hall, a broad staircase leads up to the gallery where another dining area and bar await. The gallery, designed in an eccentrically rustic fashion, with wood panelled walls and ceilings and sculpted tree trunks that seem to sprout from the parquet flooring, offers a great view across the entire lower level of the restaurant. The excitingly unconventional mix of furnishings and décor make of SoboGusto an extraordinary must-see location. Sanitary facilities and plenty of parking available.


Karin Schockweiler