Reuland Castle



brief description: 

With a size of 55 x 65 metres, Reuland Castle is one of the largest, most impressive and most beautiful castle ruins in the Eifel massive. Situated near the northern border of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Burg-Reuland stands on a promontory, dominating the village to which it gave its name. A walking trail surrounds the castle, permitting visitors to explore the terrain and to get an impression of the dimensions of the entire complex. Openings in the walls bear witness to the ancient fortification system. The inner courtyard, which is covered with grass, is used today as a venue for a number of different events, such as, for example, the Medieval Festival. The access road to the castle is rather steep and narrow. Sanitary facilities, parking and additional premises for make-up, wardrobe, crew, equipment, etc. could be made available in the village.


Kurt Rathmes