St. Hubertus Church in Lontzen



brief description: 

St. Hubertus Church, situated in the village of Lontzen, dates back to the 18th century and was built according to plans by an architect named Joseph Moretti. The limestone facade is flanked by an octagonal bell tower, a building structure which is typical for the region. The sacristy and the bell tower were added at the beginning of the 20th century. The beautifully decorated church interior boasts an altar which dates back to 1776, 19th century wood panelling and elaborate, partly gold-plated 20th century wall paintings. Surrounded by a stone wall, St. Hubertus stands at a slightly elevated position, above the village centre, amidst a cemetery with historic tombstones. In 2010, a number of scenes for the film %u201CVisus - Expedition Arche Noah%u201D were shot here. Quiet surroundings, good infrastructure. Sanitary and crew room facilities could be made available in the adjoining village museum.


Kurt Rathmes