St. Katherinenstift Monastery in Astenet



brief description: 

Nestled into a beautiful hilly landscape, St. Katherine%u2019s Monastery can be seen from afar. An access road leads to the main entrance. To the left stands the church, and behind it are the ancient stables. The building ensemble %u2013 consisting of single-storey brick constructions with timber gables, grouped around a paved courtyard with an enclosed muck heap %u2013 exudes a pastoral ambiance. The monastery%u2019s multi-storey rear façade can be seen towering over the complex in the background. Passing through a gatehouse, the monastery%u2019s main courtyard can be accessed. This is where, amongst others, the kitchen and laundry facilities are housed. A further noteworthy feature is the tower building with an access door to the main portal. With the skyward-reaching buildings, which are mainly of brick, underlining the narrowness of the courtyard, the historic ensemble exudes a morbid charm. Today, St. Katherine%u2019s Monastery is a retirement home. Exterior filming only. Sanitary and crew room facilities could me made available in the main building. Parking available on site.


Kurt Rathmes