Sudelfels, Gallo-Roman Place of Worship



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Gallo-Roman place of worship with several small temples and a secular building which probably served as lodging for pilgrims. Fragments of statues and inscriptions and numerous votive offerings suggest that the place of worship was dedicated, amongst others, to the Celtic goddess Sirona, who rules over sacred water sources and is associated with healing springs.

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open to the public at all times
open to the public at all times
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quietly situated off the road, in a forest
quietly situated on the outskirts of town, off the road, in a forest, in close proximity to the Ihn brook.
not available within close proximity


Autobahn 620, Saarbrücken-Merzig. Ausfahrt Wallerfangen. Wallerfanger Straße Richtung Wallerfangen. In Wallerfangen links in Lothringer Straße, Richtung St. Barbara und Golfclub. L 355 folgen bis Gisingen. Am Ortsausgang L 355 folgen Richtung Rammelfangen und weiter nach Ihn. In Ihn rechts auf L 354 (Leidinger Straße). Parkplatz zum Quellheiligtum liegt auf rechter Seite an der Strecke. Zugang ist ausgeschildert. coming on the Autobahn A620 Saarbrücken-Merzig, take the Wallerfangen exit and follow the Wallerfanger Straße, direction Wallerfangen. Once you have reached the town of Wallerfangen, turn left onto Lothringer Straße, direction St. Barbara and 'Golfclub Saarbrücken Gisingen e.V.'. Follow the L355 to the town of Gisingen. Once you have passed through Gisingen, continue on the L355 in the direction of Rammelfangen, then Ihn. In Ihn, turn right onto the L354 (Leidinger Straße). You will find a parking lot on your right hand side. Access to the 'Sudelfels Quellheiligtum' is signposted.
coming by train, get off at the Saarlouis station and continue by bus to Niedaltdorf


sanitary facilities: 
not available
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large parking lot off the street
electricity supply: 
not available
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not available


Steffen Conrad