Leisure facilities

playground in Eppelborn/Dirmingen

playground in Blieskastel/Blickweiler

playground in Lebach/Thalexweiler

playground in Nalbach/Bilsdorf

playground in Lebach/Steinbach

This natural monument in Blieskastel/Bierbach commemorates Saint Pirmin. “Kanzel” is German for pulpit.

Originally named „Gutshof Junkerwald“ for the forest in which it is situated, the former farming estate has been transformed into a restaurant with 80 covers inside and outdoor seating for 300 gues

Wildlife park of Saarbrücken, the Saarland state capital. Native wild species in outdoor enclosures, circular routes, nature trails, forest classrooms, and one bistro.

Pond with jetty located in the western part of the district of Hüttersdorf in the municipality of Schmelz.

The playground is located in the Webenheim neighborhood of Blieskastel.