Industrial Culture Object Mechanical Engineering Repair Shop



brief description: 

The origins of this repair shop date all the way back to 1870. The machines are still functional, operative, and in use. The building is in its original condition. The current owner, Wolfram Herzog, put a preservation order on the industrial park in 2010 and started restoring the machines. The 1959 VW platform truck is part of the landmarked ensemble. It has been fully restored and is wearing the company’s logo. The two-storey building dates back to the 1940s. It measures 25 metres in length and 12 metres in width. The 25 metalworking machines on the ground floor weigh a total of 11 tons. Some of them date back to around 1900 and are very rare, such as the Thomas Shanks planning machine from Scotland, which is probably the last machine of its kind on the continent and in the UK since the Thomas Shanks company went out of business in the 1920s. The machine was used to do commissioned work for the Saarland mining industry. Another example of a rare find would be the box column drill that still works with a flat belt drive or the self-made hydraulic press, the modified surface grinder and several milling and turning machines with individual motor drive. Furthermore, a gear shaper, a small smith’s hearth, and shelves stacked with tools and spare parts. The first floor, which can be reached via an iron stairway, houses the master craftsman’s office with glass front, original interior, historic tools and equipment, various small machines, lockers and cabinets with spare parts.

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
to be discussed with owner
Part repair shop, part museum
Historical/original condition
lighting conditions: 
Large windows
Background noise: 
The repair shop is located inside a courtyard, away from the road, rather quiet atmosphere
suburbs of Neunkirchen, courtyard with trees
Additional premises are available
Filming experience: 
Yes. Advertising shoots took place on site and reports on the repair shop were shot here as well. The owner is available for booking as an extra (he knows how to operate the historic machines).


coming on the A8 highway, take the Neunkirchen Oberstadt exit, then turn onto Zweibrücker Straße and go in the direction of Neunkirchen City. You will find the repair shop on your left hand side.
Go to Neunkirchen central station, then take public transport from there


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Steffen Conrad