Self-serve car wash located at the end of a cul-de-sac road in an industrial park in the small suburb of Herforst. The low-rise flat roof multi-bay building stands on asphalt ground. There is also a small separate repair shed. Overall, a very rural location with the industrial park, small businesses and woodland in the background.

standing in a beautiful, isolated setting on a south-facing slope above the village of Bollendorf near the Luxembourg border, you will find one of the most precious jewels of the Eifel region: Schl

situated in an impressive secluded location above the municipality of Roth an der Our, this quaint country manor, surrounded by ancient walls, and the old church with cemetery make for a picturesqu

In the idyllic Eifel landscape near the Luxembourg border, stands the baroque château of Niederweis, located in the heart of the small town bearing the same name.

situated on a tongue of land in a picturesque valley basin, this historic castle complex consists of a château with a medieval defence tower, annexe buildings, a gatehouse and a carriage house.

located in the small village of K%uFFFDrperich, this historic ensemble, surrounded by walls, consists of a small church, service buildings, stables and, of course, the main mansion.

on a mountain spur high above the small village of Hamm, this late medieval fortification is embedded in a lovely rural setting and offers a wonderful, unobstructed view of the Eifel landscape.

the historic monastery is located on a hill just outside of Welschbillig, a municipality in the Eifel region of western Germany.

Surrounded by contemporary housing, the historic 700 year old castle complex with defence tower is situated on a rather little frequented road in the town centre of Rittersdorf in Rhineland-Palatinate. A wooden bridge leads across the moat, which encircles the castle, and into the paved courtyard.

Embedded in a beautiful natural landscape, the impressive remains of Neuerburg Castle stand atop a rock, towering high above the town of Neuerburg.