This modern family-friendly public pool is one of the most beautiful open air pools in the northern part of Saarland. It’s especially popular for its good water quality, the peaceful atmosphere, and the beautiful surrounding nature, all of which invite young and old to spend relaxing moments here.

The historic estate Furpach and the adjoining pond are a popular destination for a weekend getaway. The pond was created as a fish pond in 1564 by filling up a dam. From 1806, the Karcher manufacturing family attended to the estate, which was taken over by the industrial community of Neunkirchen in 1904. In 1960, the entire terrain was placed at the disposal of the public as a recreational area, and since 1970, it is a nature preserve.

The “Guldenschlucht” (florin gorge) is an impressive V-shaped valley with a tiny creek and enormous mottled sandstone boulders. The Saar-Moselle hiking trail leads through the gorge, passing over numerous little bridges and stairs, from Saarland to Rhineland-Palatinate. The canyon forest is primarily composed of beech trees. The gorge is also home to fire salamanders.

Der Gänseweg bietet neben der einmaligen Natur auch Einblicke in die vielfältige Kulturgeschichte des Bliesgaus.

Der Erzgräberweg ist einer der Saar-Lor-Lux-Kulturwanderwege und führt zu den Zeugnissen der vorindustriellen Erzverhüttung in Schmelz. Startpunkt ist der Wanderparkplatz „Dreihausen" (Ambetstraße). Der Weg führt entlang des Sollbaches zu den aufgelassenen Erzgruben, die aufgrund ihrer Größe das Ausmaß der Abbautätigkeit erkennen lassen.

tattoo studio in Saarbrücken-Dudweiler

live escape room game set in the dark, dilapidated, blood-stained bathroom of the horror movie SAW

live escape room game with a "Jack the Ripper" theme, set in 18th century London

live escape room game with an Egyptian theme and decor

The “Alte Gießerei Schulde” is a historic complex of buildings and hangars, located in Saarbrücken. The former foundry is no longer in operation, instead it is being used as an event location.